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About GAIN

Three people on a benchMission Statement:

The Greater Annapolis Interfaith Network (GAIN),Inc. is an inclusive coalition of faith representatives who collaborate to raise awareness and change systemic injustices in the Greater Annapolis area.  Through our strengthened and broadened relationships, we share our talents and gifts to advocate for just opportunities for all.

The purpose of GAIN is to foster community and justice in our local area through raising awareness of issues, supporting our member faith groups, and sharing our talents to achieve this goal. This includes empowering all people to realize their full potential and to build solidarity and community for collaborative action.

Faith representatives and citizens from the greater Annapolis area are invited to take part in this joint effort.  We are all interdependent; the health of one affects the health of all.  Working together, our understanding and relationships will be strengthened, and our advocacy for just policies and practices will be more meaningful and effective.



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